How to Clean and Service an Oil Burner For Under Thirty Bucks

How to Clean and Service an Oil Burner For Under Thirty Bucks, is an instructional guide for the handy homeowner. Many homes today burn heating oil to provide space heating as well as domestic hot water.

An expensive task to say the least, is callingThe Guy to come on out and perform the necessary annual cleaning thats required, to keep an oil burner running at peak efficiency.

The cost of oil today, mandates that we get all we can from every gallon. Every individual who burns heating oil, can save a substantial amount of money by cleaning the system at least once per year at the start of the heating season.

Servicing an oil burner is a fairly simple task. Repairing and adjusting one is another thing. This manual assumes the burner is already adjusted and burning properly.

It takes a formal education in combustion burners, as well as training with the equipment that measures things like Co2 in the exhaust fumes. Gauges are also very expensive.

This manual is designed solely to help you perform an annual cleaning on your oil burner, and place it back into operation.

The savings you incur doing this job yourself, as apposed to calling The Guy?

Anywhere from 0.00 to 0.00 per hour, with an average call taking one to three hours.

Walk through the process with the author, whos spent the past thirty five years performing this job.

In all home improvement tasks a substantial amount of money can be saved if you have a little insight.

Thirty dollars as opposed to the, one to three hundred dollars most service companies charge. What a way to make a living. Its a dirty job but someone has to do it. Why not keep the money in your pocket?

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